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    KNEHO: About us

    Customer service, quality and innovation are the three pillars of the corporate philosophy of KNEHO-LACKE GmbH, which have ensured the evolution of the company since it was set up in 1936. From the very outset, KNEHO is specialised in the production of materials for finishing wood, plastic and similar surfaces.

    The very first finishing material used was “wood filler” (KNEtbares HOlz), which gave the company its name KNEHO. Today, the portfolio includes over 300 product ranges with a wealth of different versions.

    Pillars of corporate philosophy

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    “KNEHO LACKE stands for quality” has always been our company’s guiding principle, reflected in our logo. We continue to work as pioneers in our obligation to provide quality and eco-friendly products.


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    Years of experience

    Several years ago, a quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001 was introduced and certified in the systematic pursuit of this philosophy. It goes without saying that environmental management is an integral part of quality management for a company operating in the chemical industry. As a result of this, we have also added and integrated DIN EN ISO 14001 certification. To remain competitive, we have comprehensively streamlined and automated our systems as far as possible, but this has always taken place under the auspices of improving service to our customers. Our work focuses on flexibility, dynamic responses to customer needs, on-schedule deadlines and production quality. This also means that our entire dedicated workforce regards itself as a service provider to our customers. We strive not only to be a genuine supplier to our customers, but also aim to be a partner to them, assisting them to achieve their own corporate goals.